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Divorce Law

With years of experience handling family law cases, the attorneys of Carroll & Hinojosa are familiar with the conflict and turmoil our clients so commonly experience during the pendency of their cases. Our mission is to be sensitive counselors, while also being zealous advocates. In family law, as in our other practice areas, our multiple attorneys allow our clients to have access to a team strategy that simply isn't available for most law firm's.

Because every case, and every client is unique, we offer a free phone consultation to try to help you gain a level of comfort and understanding before you arrange to visit a lawyer's office.

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Since 1998, the Law Offices of Carroll & Hinojosa have been providing comprehensive legal services to the people of San Antonio. In the almost twenty years of service the firm has grown from providing primarily criminal and family law representation, to handling business, estate-planning, probate and injury law. With multiple lawyers and a full complement of support staff, Carroll & Hinojosa is large enough to take care of the legal needs of most of the good people of San Antonio, and small enough that we can still provide a personal touch. We understand that people call us with serious needs. Our clients don't become just another number to us. Call now to speak with one of our attorneys about how we can help you with your legal matter. If we can't help, we can probably help direct you to someone who can.

Agreed & Uncontested Divorces

For many people, by the time they contact an attorney they've already concluded not only that they want a divorce, but they've already resolved the terms of their divorce. For these people, the right attorney is someone who is competent to handle all the issues involved in their matter, but also someone who is going to charge a reasonable rate. At Carroll & Hinojosa, we've been helping clients in San Antonio and South Texas with their agreed and uncontested divorce matters since 1998. We can help you understand the issues that are relevant in your matter, and help you with options to resolve them. While you're concerned about resolving the difficult issues, we can help you avoid missing the more subtle things that can really make a difference down the road. Call now to talk to one of our divorce lawyers, and let us explain how we can make a difference for you with your agreed/uncontested divorce matter.


There's simply no denying that custody cases are among the most difficult cases that lawyers handle. Since 1998, our divorce lawyers have been helping clients work through the legal and practical aspects of their divorce matters. Custody cases are the type of matters that reveal the difference between attorneys who know what they are doing, and attorneys who are simply going through the motions. It takes time to understand the details of a case, but any experienced divorce and custody lawyer will tell you that the difference between winning and loosing a custody case is in the details. And while a lawyer can't change the underlying facts of a case, a lawyer can sure make a difference in the way the facts are presented to a judge or jury. Call now to talk to one of our custody lawyers and let us explain how Carroll & Hinojuosa can make a difference with your custody case.

Divorce Process

Going through a divorce is, for many people, one of the most difficult emotional processes they may ever experience. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that every part of your legal matter is made as painless as possible for you. We understand there may be a lot of stress on you as you deal with the filing of a divorce, but having a lawyer who will take the time to walk you through each part of the process may be enough to make the process manageable. Call now and let one of our divorce lawyers tell you how we can help.

Property Division

A common misconception about divorce is that the court is going to divide property from a marriage equally. Maybe it’s the adage that marriage should be 50/50 that leads people to try to apply that fraction in divorce, but whatever the reason for the assumption, in Texas it simply doesn’t always work that way. In Texas, the Court is charged with making a "fair and equitable" division of the property. This may be 50/50, but in some cases not. Call to talk with one of our divorce lawyers to find out how the rules may apply to the specific facts of your matter.

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