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The Law Offices of Carroll & Hinojosa have been providing comprehensive legal services to the people of San Antonio since 1998. In the almost twenty years of service the firm has grown from providing primarily criminal and family law representation, to handling business, estate-planning, probate and injury law. With multiple lawyers and a full complement of support staff, Carroll & Hinojosa is large enough to take care of the legal needs of most of the good people of San Antonio, and small enough that we can still provide a personal touch. We understand that people call us with serious needs. Our clients don't become just another number to us. Call now to speak with one of our attorneys about how we can help you with your legal matter. If we can't help, we can probably help direct you to someone who can.

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Business Formation

The foundation of every business enterprise is the underlying business entity. From the way a business is managed to the level of liability that attends each entity, our lawyers can help you understand and decide on the options that are best for you.

Limited Liability Companies

A very popular, and often advantageous, option for a business entity is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). The LLC was designed to provide the type of liability protection of a corporation, without the normally high level of corporate formalities usually involved with a traditional corporation. This balance has resulted in a significant number of businesses electing to build their business upon the LLC foundation.


Interested in forming a partnership? You may not be aware that in order to form a partnership in Texas, you need only conduct a business together for profit. There are no forms, no filing fees, and no signatures needed. You simply need two people who work together to operate a business to make a profit.

Business Counseling

Good legal advice is at the root of why businesses turn to lawyers to begin in the first place. Good legal advice isn't given in a vacuum. There are practical considerations that need to be evaluated for every business decision. Whether it's Cost, risk, liquidity, publicity, or some other issue, a smart business man must consider everything. And a good business lawyer should be able to help you with the legal significance of all of these considerations.

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